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Panoramas with the Sony NEX

One of the really cool in-camera features of the Sony NEX camera is the sweep panorama mode.  Just hit the shutter button and move your camera from left to right.  It’s so simple and fast and requires no post-processing on your computer – very cool.

I took the following photo of AT&T Park with the sweep panorama mode.  Before having a camera with the built-in panorama feature, I would have used Autostitch on my PC.  Now, I can create panoramas without a PC.  It’s definitely a nice feature to have when you’re on the road or on vacation.


HD Video with the Sony NEX

One of the features that attracted me to the Sony NEX-3, in addition to its relatively compact size, was the ability to do HD video.  Unfortunately, HD video recording with the NEX-3 is limited to 720p  (vs. 1080p with the NEX-5) at 30 fps.  Basically, this means that my videos won’t be as nice when shown on a big screen TV, but on the web, they should look just fine.  Apparently, editing 1080p videos can be a pain since they can take up a lot of memory anyways.  Take a look at the enclosed videos to see some amazing work being done with the NEX cameras.