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500px – The Next Flickr?

As I mentioned previously, I believe Flickr needs a makeover and adopt new features.  Otherwise, Flickr risks becoming the next Myspace.  The photo-sharing space is evolving with services like Instagram, Color, etc.  Is 500px a viable alternative to Flickr?  In time, it just might be.

500px just raised $525K in venture capital, and the number of users has spiked recently.

The site is relatively new, so there isn’t as much content as there is on Flickr.  I did a search for “San Francisco” and got 139 hits.  The same search on Flickr resulted in almost 7 million hits.  The quality of the photos on 500px, however, is absolutely amazing.

Unfortunately, there are features that are missing from 500px: no geotagging, no face detection, no groups.  I’m sure this will eventually improve, especially now that the company has more cash.