Transferring Photos Wirelessly with Eye-Fi

My wife saves her photos on an Apple Macbook.  Unfortunately, the Macbook doesn’t have an SD memory card slot, so she has to use a USB memory card reader to transfer photos to the Macbook.  A little while ago, I bought her an Eye-Fi wireless 4GB memory card, so that she could transfer her photos without having to use the USB memory card reader.

While the Eye-Fi card is convenient, it does have some drawbacks.  Unfortunately, transferring photos is a bit slow.  Maybe it’s our wireless router that’s part of the problem; we only have a 802.11g router.  Transferring movies can take forever.  It’s not big deal; just leave the camera on, walk away, and let the files transfer over.  The problem is that transferring files with the Eye-Fi card also drains the camera’s battery.  Another issue is that you can’t automatically delete photos that have been transferred, so you have to go back and delete the photos on the SD card after the transfer.  To me, this is a major inconvenience.  Keep in mind that I purchased the low-end Eye-Fi, so some of the pricier Eye-Fi cards definitely have better features.

Happy Memorial Day!

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