Photos in the Cloud with SugarSync and Dropbox

A good friend of mine started working at SugarSync a little while ago and suggested that I check the cloud storage service out.  SugarSync is similar to Dropbox; both services allow you to save files online or “in the cloud” and share them.  How are SugarSync and Dropbox different from Flickr and Picasa, which also allow you to upload photos and share them?

First, SugarSync and Dropbox don’t limit you to just photos.  You can store any type of files online, including music.  Second, the storage limits are much greater for users with free SugarSync and Dropbox accounts.  SugarSync gives users 5 Gb and Dropbox gives you 2 Gb of free online storage.  Compare that to Picasa, which only gives users 1 Gb of storage for free.  Flickr only lets you see your most recent 200 photos.  Lastly, SugarSync and Dropbox are geared towards sharing your photo (or files) with a small number of people (e.g. family and close friends), similar to Path.  While Flickr and Picasa are much more socially driven.

Will SugarSync and Dropbox eventually replace Flickr and Picasa?  Maybe in the future, but I don’t think so for now.  The services really address different functions.  Actually, I think the new cloud services really complement Flickr and Picasa.  For example, you can sync some of your photos with Flickr or Facebook and share them with the world, while keeping the remaining ones on Dropbox for personal use.  For a better comparison of the different services see Fairhead Creative.


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