Memorial Day

For Memorial Day weekend, we went to Los Angeles to visit family and friends.  To cap off a three-day holiday weekend already filled with a lot of food, my sister took us to Tavern in Brentwood on Memorial Day for brunch.  We actually ate in the deli space known as The Larder.   The food was pricey as one might expect from restaurants in Brentwood but very tasty.  The restaurant was beautiful, but we sat outside on the sidewalk since it was such a nice day.  We were sitting in the shade which provided some nice natural lighting, and I got a chance to play around a bit more with my 50mm lens.  It’s no wonder that photographers recommend a 50mm prime lens for taking food photographs.  For the price of $100, the lens has been a great investment.

Since it was Memorial Day, I did want to remember the servicemen and women who lost their lives serving their country and have made it possible for my friends and family to enjoy the wonderful lives that we have.  I also want to thank the men and women currently serving or have served in Iraq and Afghanistan for their sacrifices.  I hope they all will be able to return home to their families and loved ones soon.


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