Canon Loyalty Program

If your Canon digital camera doesn’t work and the warranty has expired, you have the option of trading in your broken camera for a refurbished Canon camera.  Canon doesn’t really advertise the loyalty program, but you can find articles about the program online.

I recently traded in my girlfriend’s Powershot SD700 IS which had a broken external shutter.  Canon offered me a refurbished Powershot G10 for $249 ($280 after tax and shipping).  A used G10 goes for about $300-$350 on Craiglist, so the loyalty program is not a great deal, but not a bad one either.  According to people who have participated in the loyalty program, some of the cameras that you can trade-up to are brand new.  The G10 I received was clearly a refurbished model; it was dusty and had some very small scratches on the body.  All refurbished cameras come with a 90-day warranty however.

Despite being refurbished, the G10 works fine.  It’s an older model in Canon’s G-series; the newest model is the G11.  Some people argue that the differences between the G10 and G11 aren’t big enough to justify the price difference.  The G10’s three-inch LCD screen is pretty spectacular, however it does get a bit noisy/grainy at ISOs above 400.  For more on the G10, check out the review from Camera Labs.

You get three different choices depending on the camera you want to trade in and which refurbished cameras Canon has in stock.  As far as I can tell, none of the other major camera manufacturers have a similar trade-in program.  It’s a great way for Canon to keep customers loyal to the brand.


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