Panoramas are great for landscape photography.  Panoramic photographs are fun and pretty easy to do.  I created the panorama above of the Colosseum in Rome using four photographs taken from my girlfriend’s Canon Powershot SD790  IS and Autostitch.  Autostitch is a free program for Windows that allows you stitch together a number of overlapping photographs to make a panorama.  It’s pretty simple to use.  Just select the different of files to stitch together, and Autostitch does the rest.

Other free alternatives are available.  Hugin is a free stitching program that works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.  It appears to be a bit more sophisticated and has a steeper learning curve than Autostitch.  CleVR is a free, online stitching program based on Adobe AIR that can be used with Windows, Mac, or Linux.  I haven’t tried it out, but it looks pretty simple to use.

Most camera manufacturers include stitching software with their cameras, and obviously commercial software packages like Adobe Photoshop can stitch photographs together.  But if you can’t find the CDs that came with your camera or don’t want to pay for Photoshop, the above mentioned programs are a good and free alternative.

Peter Carey at Digital Photography School has a great article on how to take panoramic photographs.  Hongkiat has some beautiful examples of panoramic photography.


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